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Sim Balk Lane SW & NE

The site could fulfill an important role in meeting the residential requirements offering 61 residential units on the NE of the site or on the SW, a further 186 units could be created, alternatively this land could be developed as mixed use, creating employment opportunities within the Bishopthorpe area.

The shortfall in housing land supply in and around York provides the primary reason to remove this land from green belt. The site is bounded by the existing development of the college, commercial uses and the park and ride. It therefore makes a limited contribution to the openness of the green belt and due to it’s siting within those developed boundaries does not have a significant wider impact on the landscape were it to be developed.

The proposed residential development of part of the site would assist in providing the city of York valuable housing in order to meet its Emerging Local Plan. The site, due to its current land uses, does not have an effect upon the historic visual character of the city of York and will enhance the surrounding developed sites with employment opportunities and facilities.

A need for additional hotel accommodation in York has been identified and the accessible nature of this site would provide a prime location for a hotel close to the Park and Ride, additionally offering educational uses and accommodation for the racecourse. This site would offer a great opportunity for a hotel in close proximity of the sites next to the college, similarly providing scope and expansion of the college facilities.

Site: Land adjacent to the new Bishopthorpe football playing fields

Size: 25 acres of land either side of Sim Balk Lane (SW & NE)

Suitability: Mixed use development comprising of residential, care home, hotel and leisure

Church Lane, Bishopthorpe

The site is proposed for residential development of 130 homes to provide a sustainable extension to the existing village.

This has been identified as a viable and available site to meet with York City Councils Emerging Local Plan for further housing developments in the area.

The new proposed development at Bishopthorpe is inset within green belt but is distant from the historic core of York. The development of the site will have minimal impact upon reducing the gap between Bishopthorpe and York. A substantial green belt gap will remain to protect the heritage status the city of York. There will of course be some degree of loss in terms of openness due to the site moving from being farmland to developed land. However that loss of openness would be limited to the site itself and there will be no wider impact upon the openness of the green belt and its ability to maintain an open green corridor surrounding the city of York.

The site would have limited impact locally on the green belt in Bishopthorpe, but would not damage its overall purpose and function in this locality. The green belt would continue to function effectively without this site.

 This site is available for development now and could contribute housing to the early years of the Plan in a sustainable location, helping to meet the needs of York for housing, as well as the local needs of Bishopthorpe.

Site: Land at Bishopthorpe – Church Lane

Size: 3.71 hectares

Suitability: Residential

Copmanthorpe Lane, Bishopthorpe

It is proposed that the site be allocated for residential purposes and provide a potential for 62 dwellings. The site lies west of the green belt settlement of Bishopthorpe and is capable of being successfully integrated within that locality.

The site has been identified as a viable option to meet the city of Yorks housing figures within the Emerging Local Plan. The development of this site will have minimal impact upon reducing the gap between Bishopthorpe and York. A substantial green belt area will remain to protect the heritage status of the city of York.

The boundaries of the site are capable of being defined by roads and boundary hedgerows and structural planting to provide clear definition to the green belt boundary. The primary purpose of green belt in York is preserving the special character of the historic city, which would remain unaffected as the proposal is located some distant away from the core city, it therefore has no impact upon the setting and special character of York.

 This site is available for development now and is capable of being developed as a sustainable extension integrated well with the urban area of Bishopthorpe.

Site: Land West of Bishopthorpe, North of Copmanthorpe Lane

Size: 1.76 hectares

Suitability: Residential